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Who we are?

MTA is more than a CRO: MTA represents an academic-driven organisation for managing and coordinating local and full-scale clinical studies. We provide services for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutritional and medical device industries. We work to provide excellent study data as quickly as possible for our sponsors through our depth of medical and scientific knowledge, innovative technology, professional expertise and proven good relationship with regulatory bodies

Medicinal Products...

As an academic organisation, MTA clearly has significant advantages:

  • Feasibility of study sites also through the network of the academic centres, which means a bigger choice of suitable patients and a better Investigators' reputation.
  • Great flexibility in the overall organization of studies in Europe, Latin America and Asia from small, regional trials with a single site to large international phase III studies.
  • Through its lay-out and congress facilities, MTA is fully available to place its expertise at the disposal of Medical Education learning systems, as is already the case with the University Institute for Higher Studies (IUSS), the University of Ferrara, and private partners and providers
Researcher Certifications...

In the last years, MTA developed in a significant manner the quality aspect both at the internal level (creating a tool for quality analysis and application) and at the external level (applying the knowledge for the performance of studies or offering it to our client). This achievement is an additional stone reinforcing the MTA basement and we are glad to be able now to offer our experience in this field.

Quality Assurance...

Where we are?

Our headquarters are located in Switzerland while the branch offices are based in Italy. In Switzerland, the city of Lugano has been chosen to host the operative structure for study coordination at both international and national level.

Lugano,with its stunning view on the lake and the Alps, is particularly convenient having its own airport (Lugano-Agno) and being very close to the city of Milan, key crossroad in the north of Italy, with 2 international airports.

Milan is also hosting part of the administrative structure of the company. The structure for monitoring, data management and national coordination for studies in Italy is based in Ferrara, a beautiful medieval city situated in a strategic position on the north-east part of Italy.

Ferrara is very close to two international airports; Venice (1hour) and Bologna (30minutes) is well served and quickly accessible by train from the two pharmaceutical capitals of Italy, Rome (3hours) and Milan (2hours).



Medical Trials Analysis Swiss S.A. is located in an historic building in the Mediterranean-flair city of Lugano, which is the Switzerland's third most important financial, conference, banking and business centre. Our building is situated at 2 steps of central railway station and the motorway A2 allowing easy access to the main airports of Lugano (10 min) and Milano (1 h).

Address: Via Antonio Riva 6, 6900 Lugano
Telephone: 0041.91.960.54.30


Medical Trials Analysis Italy S.r.l. is located in a recent building in the west part of the city of Milano, at 15 min of the central railway station and the motorway and has an easy access to the main airports of Malpensa (45 min) and Linate (30 min).

Address: Via Walter Tobagi 6, 20143 Milano
Telephone: 0039.02.36798200


Medical Trials Analysis Italy S.r.l. is also located in an historic building in the city of Ferrara, at 5 min of the railway station and has an easy access to the motorway to join the airports of Bologna and Venice

Address: Via Ariosto 28, 44121 Ferrara
Telephone: 0039.0532241595