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Company | History

  • 1992: The Salvatore Maugeri Foundation (Pavia) a non profit health and scientific Italian organisation and the University of Brescia created the Cardiovascular Research Institute with the aim to focus both translational and basic research in the cardiological field.

  • 1996: In the subsequent years, the Clinical Research Unit was founded, an academic centre dedicated to the execution of selected national and international multicentre clinical studies. The centre coordinated, monitored and acted also as a data management centre for important trials in the cardiological area. The centre also became partner of an international scientific network named InterACT (International Academic Coordination of Trials) with other basis in the UK and the Netherlands. InterACT was created as a full-scale organisation for academic study coordination, monitoring and data management where the partners combined their expertise, networking, data management skills and facilities including core laboratories and international experienced monitors.

  • 2005: With the increase of the research projects and the activities, it became necessary to re-organise the centre creating an international organisation able to manage more efficiently the world-wide scientific involvement of the group. Therefore, in 2005, Medical Trials Analysis (MTA) was established.

  • 2006: Since that time, MTA has grown into a complex organisation and new offices were opened in Ferrara, Milan and Lugano with the aim to manage and coordinate academic national and international, independent or sponsored clinical trials using the broad expertise and skills of its people.

  • Today: MTA has maintained a close relationship with the Universities of Brescia and Ferrara and is currently involved in large clinical trials and is expanding its presence in countries outside Europe. MTA is a partner with IUSS (University Institute for Higher Studies) in conducting the School for Clinical Research and Epidemiology.